Board Members/Meetings and Procedures

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Carrie Fischer

Green River, Wy

Member At-Large 

Term Started: 9-21-21

Term Expires: 9-21-25


Vice Chairperson

Ashley Snyder

Green River, Wy

Green River Parent Representative

Term Started: 2-15-22

Term Expires: 2-15-23


Secretary/Financial Officer

Regina Clark

Green River, Wy

Member At-Large

Term Started: 10-19-21

Term Expires: 10-19-25


Joan McLaren

Rock Springs, Wy

Member At-Large

Term Started: 9-21-21

Term Expires: 9-21-25


Brenda Roosa

Green River, Wy

School District Representative 

Term Started: 3-14-20

Term Expires: 12-31-24


Jessica Anson

Rock Springs, Wy

Rock Springs Parent Representative 

Term Started: 9-20-22

Term Expires: 9-20-24


Clay Jarvie

Rock Springs, Wy

Member At-Large

Term Started: 9-20-22

Term Expires: 9-20-26


Board Meeting Information

The Board of Directors meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm (No July or December meeting) 

Board meeting locations rotate every other month between the two SCCDC locations: 

Rock Springs 4509 Foothill Blvd 

Green River 1715 Hitching Post Dr. 

Occasionally meetings are rescheduled, or special board meetings are scheduled in addition to the regular monthly board meetings due to special circumstances. 

Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings for 2024 

January 16, 2024, Green River, Wyoming 

February 20, 2024, Rock Springs, Wyoming 

March 12, 2024, Green River, Wyoming 

April 16, 2024, Rock Springs, Wyoming 

May 21, 2024, Green River, Wyoming 

June 18, 2024, Rock Springs, Wyoming 

July, No Board Meeting 

August 20, 2024, Green River, Wyoming 

September 17, 2024, Rock Springs, Wyoming 

October 15, 2024, Green River, Wyoming 

Procedures for the SCCDC Board Meetings

According to the SCCDC bylaws, “The Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern the conduct of business in all such cases in which they are applicable and not in conflict with the Constitution (September 7, 1979) or the bylaws (adopted 8/18/20). When a board member, staff member, or member of the community addresses the board, they should only address the board chairman and should ask permission by saying “Mister or Madam Chairman, may I make a comment or ask a question?” The board chairman will then decide to recognize that person and let them address the board as a whole. 

The staff and public may address the Board at their regular meetings during the time on the agenda entitled “Public Comment.” Each individual will have three (3) minutes each or five (5) minutes for a group spokesperson. The staff and public can only discuss program topics. It is not appropriate to discuss personnel issues or individual employees/board members during board meetings. Personnel issues should be followed through the chain of command and end with the Executive Director (per policy). 

Board Members will hear comments, but shall not enter into discussion on matters not on the agenda. The staff and public may direct their questions only to the board as a whole. An individual board member can ask clarifying questions if needed. Staff should follow the chain of command for information first, before coming to the board. 

If a person has a complaint about the Executive Director, then that person should submit it in writing to the board chairman (as stated in policy). The board chairman will then share that complaint with the Executive Director and discuss the situation and form a plan of action, if needed (as stated in policy). The board chairman can then inform the entire board of the conversation and any resolution. 

Individuals addressing the Board shall not make any slanderous comments regarding any individual, or they may be held personally liable for such statements. Any speaker who engages in defamatory or abusive remarks may be cut off in mid-address by the Board Chairman. 

Staff members are reminded to follow the policies and the chain of command to address issues before they come to the Board (as stated in policy).

Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center Strategic Plan July 2021-September 2029 (50th Anniversary)

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The mission of the Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center is to improve the quality of life for all children and their families through early childhood education.


At the Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center we value: 

● Children and their Families 

● Education and Services Provided by Highly Qualified Staff ● Fiscal Responsibility and Safe Operations 

● Professional Development for all Staff 

● Communication with Stakeholders 

● Teamwork led by Strong Leadership 


  • SCCDC will be committed to providing positive educational opportunities for all children within Sweetwater County, birth to five years of age.
  • Our Board of Directors will promote open lines of communication with our SCCDC stakeholders to facilitate a positive, safe, and creative atmosphere.
  • The Executive Director will ensure we are fiscally conservative by maintaining all of our human and physical resources needed for the day to day operations.
  • The leadership team will manage day to day responsibilities of SCCDC to ensure all programs and services are provided with fidelity.
  • The SCCDC’s commitment to lifelong learning is reflective through a comprehensive professional development program that ensures we maintain a highly qualified staff.

Goal 1: Maximize net income by increasing revenue and controlling costs 

Benchmark A: The Marketing team will develop and execute a marketing plan with a goal to increase donors, screening numbers, pre-school enrollment and fundraising revenue and to recruit highly qualified staff. This plan will be implemented by the beginning of each school year and the team will meet monthly to keep it ongoing. 

Benchmark B: The SCCDC Operations team will control inventory with efficiency and fidelity while applying preventive maintenance on all SCCDC assets. 

a. The Operations committee will meet quarterly to ensure inventory is managed according to all variables and a replacement schedule is in place. 

Goal 2: Establish and maintain lines of communication with all stakeholders 

Benchmark A: All professional staff will connect with families using three or more types of communication on a weekly basis. Benchmark B: Staff will proactively engage in frequent communication openly and professionally with all other SCCDC employees. 

Goal 3: Create and maintain a comprehensive professional development program for board members, leadership, and staff (both certified and classified) 

Benchmark A: The SCCDC will offer opportunities for families and community partners to attend and receive educational workshops and programs as it relates to children ages 0-5 years old. 

Benchmark B: Staff members of the SCCDC will maintain high levels of certifications, credentialing, and continuous professional development. 

Goal 4: Establish and maintain Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that will ensure that staff members work in teams to ensure ALL students succeed at their individual levels 

Benchmark A: The Leadership team will implement and facilitate a PLC process for all staff at the CDC. 

Benchmark B: PLC teams will collect and analyze data and will discuss and develop interventions to support the learning of all children. 2

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