Job Opportunities

25 days ago

Job Opportunities at Sweetwater Child Development Center:  

Join our team! The SCCDC offers a friendly and warm work environment on a school year schedule. Start a career that is rewarding and fun with opportunities to grow!

Apply using the link below. Please direct any questions to Niki McKenzie at

Classroom Aide-Rock Springs

The classroom aide provides support by assisting with the needs of the students and planned activities.  Aides  will  be responsible for checking in and out students, cleaning and disinfecting the classroom toys, tables and chairs, changing mats/tables , playsets, and restrooms (as needed).  The Classroom Aide will cover for the Preschool Teacher when he/she is absent.  Classroom Aides / Paras will also be available to cover for other classrooms, as needed, including in alternate locations. Other duties include supporting snack time, helping with toilet training/diapering, cleaning up after sick children, lesson prep, copies, and laminating. The classroom aide will prepare instructional materials as directed by the preschool teacher and will co-teacher when opportunities present themselves. This is a full time position Mon-Fri 8:15-4:15 with an hour lunch break. 

Bus Aide (1-Green River and 1-Rock Springs position open)

The Bus Aide is responsible for assisting with the transportation of preschool children. Assist children on and off buses and to and from their homes or daycares. Assist in controlling child behavior on the bus and in transitions. Assist with bus routes, schedules, and pickup points.  Supervises sign-in and sign out procedures. Ensure that all child passengers, including those in wheelchairs and braces, are properly secured in their assigned seats or wheelchair. In between bus runs the bus aide will assist with light janitorial needs in the building, work in classrooms to assist the classroom team with the needs of children, and/or help cover for the classroom aide when he/she is absent. This is a full time position Mon-Thurs with one half day Friday per month. Hours are 30-35 per week.

Substitute Teacher/Paraprofessional

Substitute teachers will be responsible to the teacher, teachers aide, or paraprofessional in the assigned classroom where he/she is substituting for another teacher's aide, paraprofessional, or teacher. The substitute will carry out programs and classroom activities for children according to the lesson plans previously put into place by the classroom teacher. The schedule will be 8:15-4:15 and preschool classes are Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs. There is no guarantee of specific days or schedules. This is an on-call position based on the needs of the center and could be in either Rock Springs or Green River unless special arrangements have been made with the Center Principal. Substitutes should be certified by PTSB and should have previously been cleared through the Wyoming Central Registry and DCI Fingerprinting. In some situations the SCCDC will provide the time for these background screenings to take place upon hire but we prefer to have them in place already.

Crossing Guard/Parking Lot Safety Attendant

The SCCDC is looking for an individual to join our team to aid in our commitment to the safety of students, staff, and families arriving and leaving from our Rock Springs school parking lot during our morning and afternoon session drop off and pick up times. The Crossing Guard will work approximately 10-12 hours per week, Monday through Thursday, during the regular school year on a split shift schedule. This individual will assist children and parents crossing the parking lot to and from the building, will help to direct traffic through the parking lot and enforce parking rules and procedures as established by the SCCDC. The Crossing Guard will recognize and communicate potentially dangerous traffic situations and hazards in the parking lot. 

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How We Are Funded

2 years ago

The Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center (SCCDC) is funded through various sources. 

  • Federal Government
  • State of Wyoming
  • Grants
  • Donations
  • Fundraisers
  • Special Purpose Tax


2 months ago


The Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center (SCCDC) is a non-profit organization that has served the children and families in Sweetwater County since 1979.

Our organization provides early intervention services to children birth through age five with a variety of delays and disabilities. The SCCDC is the only organization in Sweetwater County to serve the children birth through age three.

There are 14 Developmental Preschool Regions in Wyoming. The SCCDC is Region 7.

The SCCDC consists of highly trained and qualified staff:

  • Administrative Staff and Clerical Staff
  • Behavior Coach
  • Early Childhood Special Education Teachers 
  • Preschool Teachers
  • Classroom Aides
  • Family Service Coordinators 
  • Social Worker 
  • Occupational Therapist / COTA 
  • Paraprofessionals 
  • SpEd Paras 
  • Physical Therapist
  • Speech/Language Pathologists / SLP - A
  • Custodial/Maintenance Staff
  • Contracted Therapists (Speech/OT/Vision/Teacher of the Deaf)

The SCCDC is currently funded through several sources; The Federal Government (contracted services), the State of Wyoming Department of Health (contracted services), in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. (IDEA) Part C, 611 of Part B, and 619 of Part B. Sweetwater County (6th cent overage money for Rock Springs Occupancy Expenses), the City of Green River (6th cent overage money for Green River Occupancy Expenses), SD #2 (contracted services for Child Find),  preschool tuition and fees for general education students, various grants, fundraisers and donations.